Clear Minds mission is to improve the quality of life of adults, children, and adolescents by compassionately delivering a standard of excellence while serving their mental health needs. We will support and empower these individuals to strive to obtain everlasting changes in their behaviors. Our vision is to assure the individuals we service will have a continuum of high quality of behavioral health treatment in outpatient, and inpatient services as needed by the recipient in need of treatment.


Clear Minds was established to empower individuals with life skills, resources, and life changing decisions, all while receiving behavioral and mental health services to offer a healthier quality of life.

Our vision is to assure that individuals with mental/behavioral healthcare needs, and their families, have access to the highest quality of care and can experience hope and healing in their lives. We are united by our vision, mission and passion for behavioral healthcare. We are committed to living our values in all aspects of our work, through our policies, behaviors and in all interactions. It is through each of our professional staff, and members of our boards that our values are modeled, experienced and realized by those we serve.

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About Us

Clear Minds is a well diverse facility that service all ethnic backgrounds. Our stakeholders, and professional staff understand the importance of cultural diversity when offering therapeutic services to adults, children, and adolescents. We acknowledge Culture, upbringing, belief systems, and even language simply play a role in the treatment process the individuals we service range from 5 to 65 years of age, male and female gender.

Clear Minds has been in business since 2014, established in Las Vegas, Nevada. Clear Minds stakeholders are dedicated and committed to delivering quality services to those in need of behavioral and mental health services. We seek to enhance self-worth, confidence, interpersonal skills, and family cohesiveness to assist our recipients in establishing healthy boundaries in their day-to-day life. Our program focuses on the unique needs of the individuals and families we serve, utilizing positive approaches, evidence-based practices, to achieve positive outcomes. We embrace four significant essentials of therapeutic treatment: family engagement, functional behavior assessment, trauma-informed care and positive behavior support. Services offered in our program includes; Individual, family, and. Group therapy, medication management, crisis intervention, etc. We are being currently servicing schizophrenia, bipolar type I and II, conduct disorder, mood disorders, depression, and anxiety. Clear Minds LLC values that are key to our success in our programs are integrity, knowledge, commitment, quality, and collaboration.

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